Example of a Clever Marketing Automation Campaign

Ok, this is very small & most people will not even notice it, but it works really well.

Try it for yourself if you think it’s applicable in your business.

I experienced this marketing automation campaign triggered on me, using my secondary data points.

So, I recently installed a fitness/diet app and as usual, they asked me a series of questions to help me get better results & deliver better content.

Those are the primary data points of your prospect.

And they also asked me a few other questions regarding my & my family members’ medical history.

Those are the secondary data points of your prospect.

I mentioned that my mother has diabetes for the last 20 years & she takes insulin as well.

As expected they started pushing the Pro version of the app once my free trial was over.

After a few days, when I did not upgrade to their Pro version of the app (primary offer), they used my supplementary data points to run 2 different secondary campaigns

  • They started sending me emails that were more focused on my mother’s health & how can I help her to manage her diabetes using their app
  • They also started showing me re-targeting ads for Diabetes Books, Supplements & Diet Courses

Can you see what happened there?

I did not take their primary offer, and most companies will stop right there but they went a step ahead and utilized my secondary data points to promote another tightly relevant offer!

That is how you cleverly use your prospect’s data & power of marketing automation.

Even if just 1% of that segment buys such an offer, it would at least cover the cost of front-end lead generation.

And with a few strong back-end offers, you have strong chances to make the campaign profitable as well.

I will keep posting more such examples in the coming days, stay tuned.

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