The Power of Speed of Implementation

I do not recall exactly when & where I first heard about this concept, but I could relate to it 100% and thus I remember it very clearly.

The concept is about Speed of Implementation – applicable not only in business but in almost every area of one’s life.

No, I am not talking about low-quality, half-hearted executions without proper preparation – just for the sake of doing it…

I am talking about acting on a solid plan without wasting months & years, waiting & expecting things to turn out perfectly on the first try!

Let me give you some real examples, I’m sure you will related to at least one

Have a Great Idea But Never Do Anything About It?

This one personally belongs to me!

I have been a victim of Procrastination & Perfectionism for years, which I have managed to fix in the last 5 years.

During my procrastination years, I have seen other individuals & companies coming up with exact products/services that I have been thinking about for months…and sometimes making millions from those ideas.

Of course, they have a lot of other things going in the background (like years of experience in that industry or access to millions of $ worth of fund), but still, an idea is an idea. I could have at least tested it to start with, but I have failed to do so many times.

Waiting For That Perfect Email Template Before Launch

This happens to me all the time, and if you are in the Marketing Automation or Email Marketing space, you must have faced it as well.

I had multiple clients in the past who literally put the campaign launch on hold for 2-6 weeks just because they do not like the design of the email template.

Or because you cannot make their custom type face work inside Gmail client.

I find it ridiculous & very stupid and try my best to convince the client that email template design has almost 0% effect on the result of your campaign.

In Email Marketing, It’s all about the Subject Line, Offer, Email Copy & more importantly, Your Relationship with your list – and not about that exact matching font or color of your brand.

And how can you judge or conclude that the fancy email template for which you are delaying the campaign for weeks, is going to produce any sales or better results than the other in the first place?

No one can.

A few of them understand but most of them do not. If you are in this situation, please don’t delay the test of the campaign because of the factors that don’t even contribute to its success in the first place!

Waiting For Full-fledge Website Before The Launch

If you are a big corporation or listed company then it makes more sense to have everything in order before you launch anything because there are thousands of people watching your every move, including media, shareholders & your competitors.

But if you are an individual, solo-preneur, or a small business owner – you do not need to worry about those things.

For example, at the time of launching this website, there are only a couple of pages & 3 short blog posts. That is it.

No fancy funnels, No lead magnet, No offers, No complicated email campaigns – nothing.

I can do all those things in the coming days, and that is perfectly ok.

You see, once you announce a project and make it public, then you have that invisible psychological pressure to finish & launch it, you cannot keep it unfinished for a long time, and that works well – at least for me.

So, next time if you ever get into that situation where you (or your client) are delaying any implementation for no valid reason, just try to overcome it at the earliest & remember that the…

Speed of Implementation is Far More Important Than Perfectionism.


And a minimum viable product or concept is all you need to get started.

Over to you!

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